The Importance of Cellar Management

So, you think you know everything you need to know about cellar management?

Good cellar management is vital in order to maintain the quality of cask and keg beer from delivery to serving. When practiced correctly, cellar management can improve yields, increase sales and minimise waste.

As standards rise and consumers become more demanding, beer quality has become an extremely important commercial consideration.

A clean and tidy cellar, correct temperatures, accurate stock rotation, clean lines and correct handling and storage all contribute towards creating the perfect pint. However, installing Future of Dispense can help you manage all of these factors, as well as deliver further benefits and savings to significantly improve your cellar management.

Brewfitt has a long standing reputation for innovation within the drinks dispense market, dating back to the 1950’s when the grandfather of the current MD invented the inline beer cooler, which led to the first drinks dispense cooling system. As one of the UK's leading suppliers to pubs and bars, Brewfitt have had to constantly innovate to provide better products and services to remain market leaders. 

Two of its most forward thinking innovations, 2flow and CoolTube, have been combined to form Future of Dispense, an advanced drinks dispense system which delivers maximum efficiency and cooled to perfection drinks. It guarantees brand quality, optimum temperatures as well as providing huge savings in wastage and energy, guaranteeing a better customer experience and retaining customer and brand loyalty for the brewer or pub operator. 

Future of Dispense responds to a market demand for quality cooled to perfection draught drinks in pubs and bars whilst delivering these colder drinks with savings in cash and energy. Currently, highly inefficient technology, which is over 50 years old, has been adapted. Drinks are delivered, stored and initially cooled by 3kW cellar coolers. Drinks are then further chilled by additional 1kW ice bank coolers prior to being pumped to the bar area where they are further cooled by a combination of additional cooling. 

Future of Dispense removes volume of beer from the line and could save the average pub up to 1500 pints, during the line cleaning process. Cellar management guides advise pubs to clean their lines every week, however Future of Dispense can reduce this to 4 weekly line cleans, which could also save venues well in excess of 2000 pints per year, this equates to around 7 kegs.

For more information on how Future of Dispense could help improve your cellar management and beer quality call 01484 340800.

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